OEM by Verhoeven

We see a trend that more and more companies are concentrating on the development of specialized machines and systems for all kinds of applications. The power of these systems lies in the engineering and the delivery of the system in working state on site. Engineering and assembly are mainly done by the company’s own experts, although the production of the machines and systems is usually done externally. For a company to have its own engineering works after all demands a major investment and it must be constantly adapted to new developments in metal processing – this results in high overhead costs. For this reason, it is often opted to subcontract out the manufacture of components.

Subcontracting often involves a gamut of different suppliers who all have their own specialism, like sheet metal work, automated machining or welding. It costs a lot of time to approach all the different suppliers, to talk with them and to coordinate all the delivery times.

These are our subcontracting services:

Laser cutting

Sheet metal work




Verhoeven Oss can take this whole process out off your hands – this is what we call OEM or Original Equipment Manufacture. You can subcontract the production of single components or whole machines out to us. You determine the extent to which you will have the work done by Verhoeven Oss. You supply the drawings and we arrange the manufacturing.

Because we have all the disciplines in house, you only have to contact one party. We ensure that everything is made to your specifications, assembled, finished, packaged and if required delivered to you on site.

We use CNC equipment for many of our processes. We also process steel and stainless steel separately.