Truck manufacture

Project: Assembly line, industrial handling, Materials handling,

About our customer:
Trucks. This is what it’s all about at DAF. Our primary activity is the development and manufacture of light, medium weight and heavy trucks. We offer a bespoke truck for every transport need. Reliable, durable, efficient, comfortable for the driver and first class service. DAF provides you with a total transport solution.

We work according to the built-to-order principle. This means that the manufacture of a truck is only started after it is ordered. Finally, every truck is specially assembled to suit the customer’s transport needs.

For DAF Trucks, we made and delivered various components for the manufacture of trucks.



Assembly of radiators


Pre-assembly of axles:
Trolleys on which to pre-assemble parts of axles for inclusion in the automated assembly line.

Assembly and installation of cabins:
A trestle system on which a cabin moves through the assembly area so that assembly workers can fit parts on and into it.

Assembly of radiators:
A trolley system on which the assembly workers pass a number of stations, needed to assemble radiators. This means that the worker does not need to walk physically, but the parts and fixing materials are supplied to the worker.

Buffer system for painting lane:
Chassis are transported into the painting lane on girders. For spraying a long chassis, more girders are needed than for a shorter one. A buffer needs to be provided for when a switch in the dimensions is made. We developed a buffer system that works on a telescopic principle because, due to gantry cranes, nothing may be mounted onto the roof.

Picker trolleys for parts centre:
We made a design for trolleys for picking parts in the parts centre that are then used in the production. These trolleys have been manufactured and put into use.

Landings and platforms for service and maintenance on the existing production and transport systems.