Paper roll tipping and transport system

Project: Paper roll tipping and transport system

About our customer:
PilloPak is the specialist for lightweight corrugated paper and packaging made from it. Since 1954, we have been developing transport and product packaging for customers in very varied sectors. We are specialists in the production of food product packaging for direct contact. Our company is fully certified in this field.

Project description:
PilloPak produces a variety of types of corrugated paper, all with their own specifications. These types are wound on to different rolls and supplied to logistics from the production department. These rolls must be stacked and palletized before they go to the customer or into storage. Due to their size and weight, the rolls cannot be stacked by people. But how can this be automated given the varying weights and sizes?

PilloPak asked Verhoeven Oss to come up with a system that can stack and palletize the different rolls. It is of course important that the products are not damaged and also that the system is suitable to handle all the sizes and weights. At the same time, everything must be realized within the existing space available. A big challenge!

Verhoeven Oss built a system with which the different paper rolls can be supplied automatically from the production department. The rolls are positioned on their side and then the entire stack is put upright in one go. This saves a huge amount of time, because otherwise the rolls have to be tipped and stacked one at a time with a crane. The stacks on the pallet are transported in an upright position and placed on a traverse trolley. This traverse trolley can then travel over a fixed route and place the different stacks on each desired roller conveyor for further transport. From here, the further distribution to the stores and the final customer is arranged.

With this system, it is important that the rolls do not get damaged, and also that the safety of the workers is guaranteed. This means that the entire system has to be 100% safe. As the project photos show, safety is central: the sensors and fall protection on the traverse trolley, the clear demarcation of the trolley’s travelling area, etc.

With this project, Verhoeven Oss clearly demonstrates that we master all facets of a project. The assessment of the problem, the engineering and production of a solution, the handing over of a working system to the client and guarantee the safety of the workers.