Drum tipper

Project: Ergonomic solution for dosing and mixing fluids to end product 

About our customer:
Cimcool is a global expert on industrial fluids. Over the years we have developed extensive product lines to suit our clients’ needs for a wide range of applications, markets and working conditions.

Project description:
The raw materials that are to be mixed arrive in different packaging with different sizes and weights. These raw materials must be dispensed accurately and mixed. In practice, this means that the raw materials have to be measured out and dispensed manually and this potentially causes an ergonomic problem. In case people have to lift and dispense heavy drums manually, they are sure to develop physical complaints. Within a modern company this is of course entirely unacceptable.

Verhoeven Oss came up with a solution and made a drum lift with a tipping function. Herewith the drum can be lifted mechanically and dispensing and mixing can be done by means of an advanced weighing and measuring system. With this solution we improved the ergonomic aspect of this this work to such an extent, that people can work with more pleasure and there is reduced sickness absence. Besides this improvement and saving, we realized an additional advantage. It is now possible to dispense and thus mix much more accurately. This means that the quality and consistency of the products are improved and that production can take place more cost-effective. Because less raw materials are used for the same end product.

By measuring the savings, we were also able to calculate the payback time of this investment very accurately. Cimcool could thus make a well-founded decision in advance about the feasibility of this project. At Verhoeven Oss, we call this a WIN-WIN case.