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Complete bread cooling system

Project: cooling with a spiral tower, complete bread cooling system 

About our customer:
For more than 110 years, the Aldenhuijsen family has guaranteed the best quality bread. Every day of the week, a wide selection of loaves and rolls emerges fresh from the oven. By employing the most modern techniques, our bakers can produce these products in an extremely efficient way and with constant quality.

From delicious flans to traditional vanilla slices, everything is made fresh. Every day, our pastry cooks make the tastiest cakes from the best raw materials for celebrations or just because.

Project description:
In this project, we were able to employ our experience of materials handling on the one hand with food products on the other in a single project.



Spiral tower

In an industrial bakery, in two phases, there is a need for a buffer system, so that holding time can be created. For rising, the products have to wait for a certain time so that the dough can rise and become more aerated. After baking, the hot bread must be cooled down in order to be ready for the packaging process.

In both cases, it is important that the dough or bread has sufficient space to rise or to cool, but the system must not occupy more room than absolutely necessary. An optimum relationship between functionality and space occupation is critical.

There are also consequences for the application to be in the food sector. The system must be sound yet easily cleanable. Good cleanability is important but it must be possible to do the cleaning very efficiently. For this, good accessibility to all sides of the system is important, but this must not be at the expense of the operational life of the system. The materials used are also important. Both the materials used for the structure (stainless steel) and those used for the conveyor belts are important in order to be suitable for food production.

Finally, the whole system must fit within the company premises and account must be taken of existing available facilities.

​Verhoeven Oss, together with subsidiaries BVT Bakery Services and Newcap Bakery Services, has all the knowledge in house to be able to deliver such a project turn-key.