Automated input for recycling

Project: Systeem integratie, Materials handling, Container handling

Production of biogas and second generation biodiesel

About our customer:
Our customer specialises in the emptying of grease separators, and the collection, treatment and recycling of used frying fat/oil and organic commercial waste. They assist with a budget-conscious, environmentally friendly and demonstrable waste policy.

Project description:
Our customer provides total care for its clients: the emptying of grease separators, the collection of organic commercial waste and the collection and disposal of used frying fat/oil. Our customer does this for large foodstuffs industries and also for small-scale catering concerns at 25,000 addresses in the Netherlands.

The delivery of all the materials for processing happens mainly in containers of varying dimensions. This is of course a challenge. Besides this, different waste streams demand different treatments and thus various treatment methods. The second great challenge. It is our customer’s wish to automate this process as far as possible. The third great challenge. Finally, the customer wants to have all the containers emptied and cleaned at the end of the process. This impressive wishlist makes it a most complicated yet very challenging project that could have been created especially for Verhoeven Oss.

By making clever use of transport systems, robot integration, washer systems and automatic inspection techniques, Verhoeven Oss built a state-of-the-art factory that exceeded the customer’s specification. Besides this, the entire system was designed by Verhoeven Oss, produced at our own works in Oss, programmed and handed over working perfectly on site.