Project flow

Project flow
Verhoeven Oss understands how important the transport systems in your company are. It is crucial that they operate optimally because a standstill is often costly.

We employ the appropriate project manager who can map out your wishes and needs in an expert way and lead your project to a successful conclusion. A fixed team works on the project continuously and no third parties are involved in the process. In this way, we remain very flexible and can guarantee short delivery times.

1. Analysis of the problem:

A complete analysis is the secret of an optimum end product. The better the analysis, the sounder the solution. Our project managers are therefore ready to look at your project at any desired location and to talk it through personally with you.

2. Advice and concept development:

Based on the analysis, a concept is developed and our engineers prepare a plan of approach. They will go through this with you in a personal advisory discussion, so that you are fully aware of all the ins and outs of the solutions proposed. A clear plan with key milestones is made by your project manager. In this plan the complete schedule for the agreed delivery time is shown. In this way you are always aware of the product flow.

3. Engineering:

After approval of the concept, the actual engineering starts. In this phase, the concept takes shape in 2D and 3D drawings and designs. At the same time, the foundation is laid for the production. Of course, there is every opportunity at this stage for modifications in order to arrive at the optimum solution.

4. Manufacture and assembly:

This is when the engineering works come to life. From the production of components, the construction of lines and assembly to the perfect functioning of the machines, everything takes place in house at Verhoeven Oss.

Delivery and testing:

Every little detail is finished at the delivery and testing stage, which usually consists of two phases:
- Factory Acceptance Test: In this phase, the line is tested at Oss with customer-specific products.
- Site Acceptance Test: In this phase, the line is tested again with customer-specific products, but then at its final location. After this, the final handover takes place.

Service and maintenance:

Do you know that service can also be proactive? Why wait until something has to be replaced or repaired if this can be avoided? The optimum condition of your system can be guaranteed by means of a maintenance contract. We are also happy to be of service when it comes to advice about spare parts lists, service contracts and periodic maintenance.