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Introduction BVT Vacuum Cooling


April 29, 2016

BVT Vacuum Cooling, emerged from BVT Bakery Services, which delivers dough processing lines and handling systems since 2001 to the bakery industry worldwide, has chosen early 2014 to introduce  vacuum cooling systems to the bakery industry and with success!

Since the introduction BVT has sold and delivered several vacuum cooling systems and the results are beyond expectations. Customers achieved an increase in efficiency of existing products of nearly 100%. The cost savings per product give amazing results!

The technique makes it possible to cool products in a short period of time after the products have been baked in the oven.   In some productions this results in a reduction of cooling time of ± 90%. Within 3-4 minutes the products are cooled to cutting or packaging temperature. Besides the cooling this technique also improves the capacity, efficiency and quality of the product, with a significant shelf life extension due to a shorter contamination phase.

BVT Vacuum Cooling has placed several types of the system on the market. A batch system for bakeries working with rotation ovens, called the BVT BatchVac and an inline continuous system Continuous Vac, which can be placed behind a deck or tunnel oven.

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